Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 337 - Spekki Webu
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Dutchman Spekki Webu likes to take you to moments of sonic spiritualism. His take on electronic music is as a soundtrack to mind-expanding space travel and internal reflection.

His Mirror Zone label has become home to some of the sound's best new artists, often with a psychedelic edge. Webu's extraterrestrial selections also reach into Goa, jungle and breakbeat, all of which add widely varied tones, textures and tempos to his storytelling mixes.

Initially, this week's podcast is a deeply immersive trip through the farthest reaches of our universe. After spending time with only alien life forms and solar winds for company, sleek techno rhythms slowly take hold. Says Spekki, "Taking you all on a journey to your inner self. Self-healing is what we need in these times. In order to see the light, we must first embrace the darkness. A balanced journey through meditative vibrations on the astral plane, eventually coming back down to the next experience of life. Are we ready or not? Have we learned enough or is the soul still to learn?"

You'll have to tune in to find out.