Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 340 - TSVI
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TSVI's sound is rooted in techno but takes in a whole world of influences.

Some of it is real - flecks of the Indian classical music he grew up around, bits of traditional Sufi Muslim music from his partner, or the UK funky drums that have permeated his ears while living in London. And some of it is surreal, such as dream states and altered states of consciousness. Most of this comes on the Italian-born artist's own Nervous Horizon label such as his recent Sogno EP. But next up is a new album, Unison, as Paraadiso with audio-visual artist Seven Orbits. It is a project inspired by Italian folk music, noise and ancient choral acoustic compositions, and it focuses on the collective experiences of music that we have all so dearly missed.

Across this week's 90 minute podcast, TSVI drags us deep into a world of rhythm. His bold, punchy drums take on all forms from techno to drum & bass, club to dub, and plenty in between. It is thrillingly intense and perfectly physical music that taps into the primeval urge to dance that we all have buried deep inside of us.