Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 341 - MoMA READY
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MoMA READY arrived on a wave of acclaim that hasn't at all subsided in the four or so years since his debut.

The NYC-based skateboarder and musician runs the Haus of Altr label and also makes ambient, as well as films. He has had particular success producing with AceMo as AceMoMA, such as on April's standout album, A Future. As the title suggests, it took in the dustier end of 90s jungle, rough-edged house and Detroit techno, but turned out something forward-looking. Whatever MoMA Ready does, it comes through a proudly Afrofuturist lens, always with unbridled energy and the ability to make you question everything you thought you knew.

This week's mix packs an awful lot in. It - of course - eschews the traditional model of a slow build towards a peak-time workout. Instead, the music just goes where MoMA wants, whenever he wants. Even the transitions play second fiddle to the selections, which is fine when the tunes are this good. Some are deep, some are smooth, there are lo-fi bangers and seductive rollers. It's the sound of a DJ going all in without a care in the world.