Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 342 - Loraine James
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London's Loraine James is as experimental as electronic artists get.

She doesn't just make hard to categorise music, she makes music for which there are often no words. Depending on your mood, her sounds can suit either full-on dance floor workouts or reflective home listens. That has been the case across two standout albums on Hyperdub, both of which explore vulnerability and identity across tracks that fizz with ideas and energy. The most recent, Reflection back in June, came with snippets of interior monologue. They lay bare James's most intimate feelings while the beats around her continue to act as something of a safety blanket.

This week's rule-breaking mix features a number of Loraine's tunes including the unnamed and exclusive opener, plus a flurry of beats from peers like FaltyDL, object blue, Squarepusher and Djrum. They make for a full body workout that twitches your every synapse one minute then sink you into a deeply seductive club sound the next. The transitions from hyper-polished and futuristic rhythms to live jazz drums, or icy dub to glitchy IDM, would seem impossible on paper, but in practice, they are executed perfectly.


Loraine James - ???
Loraine James - No Sleep
96 Back - Coup De Grace feat. Cadence_Weapon
Dark0 - Hardwire
Aoki Takamasa - R8
Djrum - Obsession
Lusine - Eyes Give In
Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car (Girl)
TAAHLIAH - Never Lose (feat. Spent)
Loraine James - Insecure behaviour and fuckery (Ft Nova)
Loraine James - Tell Your Friends About Me (ft. Le3 bLACK)
Chris Devoe - The Placebo Effect Feat. Ben Davis
Telefon Tel Aviv - Whats the Use of Feet If You Havent Got Legs
toe feat. Toki Asako - TALK SHOW
Hyakkei - Flying Carpet
Haisuinonasa - 地下鉄の動態
FaltyDL - Danger
FaltyDL - Do Me
Nosaj Thing - U G
object blue - In the station of the metro
Xela - Japanese Whispers
proem - deep like airline failure
Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Far Away
Loraine James - We’re Building Something New (Acapella) Ft. Iceboy Violet