Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 344 - Kush Jones
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There is no way to neatly sum up what Kush Jones does.

Part of that is because the Bronx native is so relentless. Part of it is because he makes music purely for himself, self-releases most of it and so depends on no one. This year alone he's put out at least five releases. There have been footwork singles, house and breaks EPs, electro tunes and the 13th installment in his tool-y compilation series, Strictly 4 My CDJZ. He is just as flexible as a DJ, threading together Black music from across a global spectrum that can take in the sounds of Baltimore, Detroit and Jersey in the same set.

This is exactly what happens in this week's mix. The tempo is high throughout, but that never restricts what Jones can do. He is still able to explore plenty of nuances and shift the mood and groove while racing along at speed. Super sweet and soulful juke melts away into a flurry of jungle drums. Blistering warehouse techno builds to breaking point then club music takes over. It makes for a breathless but beautiful 65 minutes.


Alonzo Snipes - Could Never Be More Ready
Kush Jones - Active
DJ Delish - Men Are Doomed
Max Watts - Insight
Kush Jones - Leaky
Paul Johnson - Housebreak Hotel
Boo Williams -Old School Flavor
Kush Jones - Boo Jam
DJ Compton - Teccno
A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray Americas
Jarren - Pulsar
Kush Jones - Rugrats (Anz' Childish Remix)
Mr De' - Whonleeone
DJ Manny - Havin' Fun (ft. DJ Phil)
Cakedog - The Best
RP Boo - Haters Increase The Heat!
Kush Jones - The One Note
DJ Compton - World Keeps Burning
DJ Corey - Back Up Footwork Remixx
DJ Rashad - Drums Please
DJ SWISHA x OSSX - Bone App The Teeth
Juvenile - Ha
AceMo x DJ SWISHA - Cowabunga
DJ SWISHA x Diyr x Kanyon -Encrypted
Kush Jones - Interrupted
Jordana - Numerology