Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 349 - Peverelist
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Peverelist is one of those artist’s whose legacy is already assured. His labels Punch Drunk and Livity Sound have been at the cutting edge of their own unique musical niches for more than a decade.

Fusing their native Bristol’s history of dub, sound system culture and bass, their output deals in endlessly fascinating genre mutations that continue to push electronic music forward. Pev’s own captivating rhythms and precise sound designs have always been at the heart of that, bridging the gap between hypnotic techno and heavy bass.

And that’s the path he heads down on this week’s mix. The one hour selection weaves a thread through all the sounds you’d find in his orbit - stripped back beat science and Gqom, UK funky and mesmeric dub techno. Always stripped back but never devoid of character, this is physical yet meditative music that taps into that deep desire we all have inside: to move to the sound of pounding drums.


Varuna - Euphoria
Jurango - This Better Worth
Pugilist & Sub Basics - Untitled
Mike Parker - Living Colossus
Appleblim - Ponsworthy
Forest Drive West ft Lucky Pereira 'Scorpion'
Ploy - 2 Busy
CiM - Friends I've Made
Kaval - Rising Drums
John Selway - Shimmerdown
Arkajo - Truth
Tribal Brothers & DJ Polo - Three Tribes
Bakongo - Level Cowbell
Huey Mnemonic - Technician 1
Evil Fred - The Evil Dance
DJ Polo & Ramzee - Funky Party
Taupe - Vortex
Al Wootton - Snake Dance
Cameo Blush - Clearcutter
Mala - Chainba
Talismann - Trybal Beat
O$VMV$M - Bird Ride
Los Hermanos - Resurrection