Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 352 - Mark Seven
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By choice, Mark Seven keeps a low profile. But the truth is, he is one of those low-key but influential characters you really should know.

The Stockholm-based Brit is a busy record dealer and online store owner as well as DJ and producer with a penchant for timeless disco and house. He showcases this in his productions, but also via his much-loved Parkway and Parkwest labels which explore both the soulful and more punchy sides of disco and early house. Loosely defined by raw drums, sweet Italo melodies and hints of early garage, this work has made him a firm favourite of everyone from Hunee to Jamie Tiller to Eris Drew.

After 30 years in the game, there aren't many aspects of house and disco he hasn't explored. All that feeds into his glorious mix for us, which is in celebration of the 10-year Parkway Records anniversary in mid-October. It is packed with happy, classy tunes and big vocals from across the ages. The crunchy drum textures and tinny melodies, warm basslines and infectious claps all transport you to a utopian dance floor packed with smiling faces and loose limbs. It's a life-affirming selection that will uplift and enrich your soul.