Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 353 - Dis Fig
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There is nothing safe about Dis Fig.

The Berlin-based artist makes confrontational, unconventional music that harnesses the power of chaos. She initially came up on the New York club scene but was always most interested in the weirder end of the spectrum so moved to Berlin. It is there that she has established herself as someone who operates on the fringes of the dance floor. Her debut album PURGE in 2019 was wrought with emotional turmoil thanks to her own unique vocal work, while the electronics were just as twisted and harrowing. Last year she showed another side to her vocal skills on In Blue, a collaborative album of bass-heavy dreamscapes with The Bug.

This week's mix is 90 minutes of fulsome body music, contorting rhythms and exaggerated percussion. The boundaries between club, techno, jungle, rap and bass are blurred as Dis Fig plots a route through them all with great control. Even when tempos jump around wildly, there is no break in the flow, and to end such a high octane ride on the sultry mind nineties r&b of Total is a stroke of genius.