Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 354 - Air Max '97
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Air Max '97 concocts rhythms and manipulates synths in weird and wonderful ways.

Air Max ’97 concocts rhythms and manipulates synths in weird and wonderful ways. His tracks are brilliantly curious and drip with personality while also making you want to move. He layers up textures and atmospheres like a painter spreads oil on canvas and does so with both eyes firmly on the future. Releasing mostly on his own DECISIONS label as well as the likes of Timedance, the multidisciplinary artist works across a number of creative fields from design and art direction to mixing music. Most recently, he has put out his 'Psyllium / Eat The Rich' release on Timedance featuring two highly detailed, sub-heavy bangers.

On this week's podcast, he threads together a diverse array of sounds. There are contemporary grime rhythms, heavy bass cuts and stripped-back techno twisters from the likes of Ikävä Pii, Azu Tiwaline and Ayesha as well as plenty of some unreleased exclusives and a host of his own remixes and originals. It's seriously playful and - like his more recent productions - grows increasingly minimal and skeletal as it unfolds, with devastating results.


:3LON x Scratchclart - Flex
Slikback x Tzusing - JAHAD
NET GALA - Shpiral (Amazondotcom Remix)
Ayesha - Potential Energy
Peaky Beats - Helms Deep (aya, uh, Remix?)
Ikävä Pii - the end of the end of History
Air Max ’97 - Plasticity
SCALPING - Empty Cascade (Azu Tiwaline Remix)
Elysia Crampton x The Delta - Psy Marketplace (AM97 blend)
Air Max '97 - Psyllium
Richard Devine - Varseop
Varboska - ????
Asha Ruby - running
Air Max '97 - Collapsing Void
???? - ????
Homemade Weapons & Torana - Proviso
Nihiloxica - Gunjula (Metrist Remix)
Atro - Sleep Debt
Hence Therefore - Elite Panic
Lithe - Second Pavilion