Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 355 - Manni Dee
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Manni Dee finds comfort in vibing off a room full of people who are lost in abrasive textures and high octane rhythms.

It is that industrial brand of techno which he has perfected over the years, not least on his new Perc Trax LP, A Low Level Love. It is his second full length after 2018's The Residue on Tresor and shows a marked evolution in his sound. While still defined by blistering drum patterns and caustic synths, there is also plenty of melody and introspection in the record. As much as it is a fresh look for him, it's a fresh sound for techno, too.

On this week's podcast, the London based artist goes hard and fast. He pays homage to his love of grime with a blistering industrial rework of a Stormzy track which launches us into a world of distorted drums and tortured synths. The ensuing barrage of sound is coloured with everything from trance chords to club rhythms and lashings of acid. It's a full throttle mix that is always on the move, much like Manni Dee himself.


Westside Gunn - End How You Start
Stormzy - Disappointed (Xoplysm Heavy Edit)
Witch Trials - Zion
MRD - Like That
Xoplysm - No Escape
TÉNÉBRE - SubMethod
DJ Angeldu$t - Prescription Poolz (VIP Mix)
Staysa - Teenangel X Suda (Staysa’s Blend)
Baauer - Reach Up Don’t Stop
NKC - Nerve Plant
Airod - Need For Speed
New Frames - Scatter (Manni Dee Remix)
The Noise Floor - TNF10105 (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix)
Slam + 999999999 - Conveyor
Lucas P - Faithful to the Doctrine
Lars Klen & Ryuji Takeuchi - Track_D
Byrell The Great - Funny Munny (feat. Fatfemme & Princess Precious) DJ Ogi - The Funk
Mike Humphries - Night Flights
Manni Dee - London In My System
Gabber Eleganz & HDMIRROR - Frozen Dopamina (Manni Dee Edit)