Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 356 - Tristan Arp
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Mexico-city based Tristan Arps blurred the lines between the synthetic and the organic on his second full-length, Sculpturegardening.

Released on Wisdom Teeth just last week, the Human Pitch label boss approached the album as a gardener might approach a landscape: using his array of machines and modular synths he let the music write itself. It's resulted in an album that bristles with glitches, ambient pads, downtempo drums, digital perc and micro-house details that succeeds in its mission to blend the made with the played.

With this week's podcast, Tristan - who is also a member of Asa Tone with Melati Malay and Kaazi - aimed to show off all his sides as a producer, listener and DJ. While his album goes beyond the dance floor, here he mixes those styles with what he would play in a club. "Slippery rhythms, levitating environments and everything between these orbits," as he describes it. There are lots of edits, often many tracks are layered up at once and the whole thing plays out with many an unpredictable twist and turn. It's as adventurous and asymmetrical as you would expect from this always innovative artist.


Zuli - Continue
Tristan Arp - A Clearing In Empty Space
Museum of No Art - Fabulous Youth
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Feel
Significant Other - Gomek
Ultima Esuna - Laurel
Robert Fleck - Amber Glows
Popp - Xolotl
Box 5ive - Anonima
J Foerster & N Kramer - Levitation Room
Lee Evans - Senoi Dream Theory
Slikback - Just I
Tristan Arp - Foraging Music
Jurango - Theeves
Sputnik One - Warm Body
Jon Hassel - Lunar / Ndeya (Collage)
Nico - Drops
Amazondotcom & Siete Catorce - Vague Currency
Peter Wohlleben - The Hidden Life Of Trees
DJ Firmeza - AVAN
Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians (Section IIIB)
Soundbwoy Killah - Loiner Dub
Ramadanman - Bleeper
Tristan Arp - From The Seams
Sayun Chang - ?
Tristan Arp - ?
K Wata - Wok Hei
Kilchhofer - Hedha
Beta Librae - Canis Major
Notte Infinita - I Lost All My Data
Tristan Arp - Curved Space
Harold Budd & Brian Eno - A Stream With Bright Fish
Tristan Arp - Cloud Surface
Gramm - Legends / Nugroove TM
Khotin - Frog Fractions
Flore - Evidence (Azu Tiwaline Remix)
Kincaid - Nothing Is / Cairn (Collage)
The First Minute of a New Day - June 26th
Ross Alexander - Jinja On The Nile
Vito Ricci - Prayer… Nirvana… Prayer
Jason Kolar - Erratic Texting Behavior
Daniel Majer - In Trees