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Mama Snake is at the heart of Copenhagen's blistering techno scene. She plays with a serious amount of speed and showcased that as far back as 2018 when she played for Boiler Room at our Amsterdam festival.

But she is also a qualified surgeon, co-founder of Amniote Editions and curator who oversees the release of music, posters, videos and t-shirts. She prefers to keep a low profile and operate in darkened spaces at the dead of night, but with her at the controls, there is no finer place to be.

Mama Snake's supple and sublime sound is a mix of sleek techno and uplifting trance. She plays with a tight and technical mixing style and can make you fall in love with tracks you didn't even know you liked. On this week's mix, she charges through kinetic beats and slithering synths that never let up, but never get stuck in a rut. There is always a breakdown to reset the mood, a dreamy lead to take your mind away or a vocal latch on to. They say that speed kills, but when it comes to Mama Snake, speed thrills.