Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 361 - AliA
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Standing out in the overcrowded DJ world is not easy. To do so when you're just 17 is almost unbelievable.

But that is when Belgian-born AliA first started making people take note of her fresh selections and technical skills on the decks. They were way beyond her years and since then she has gone on to become a resident at Belgium’s HORST Festival and a guest at the likes of Worldwide, Dimensions and Lowlands.

This week's mix is pure vibes. It shows off AliA's ability to seamlessly join dots between seemingly disparate sounds: in her hands a transition from lo-fi house to breezy jazz-funk is easy. A lush vocal cut into dark and dirty bass rhythms? No problem. It all adds up to a selection that will be suited to any occasion, from a pre-party warm-up at home to a long drive in your car. Good music is good music, no matter the speed or style, and never is that more obvious than when listening to AliA do her thing.