Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 364 - Fergus Clark
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Glasgow's Fergus Clark has a depth of musical knowledge way beyond his years.

He is one-quarter of the 12th Isle label, party and radio collective and digs deep into everything from early techno to musique concrete to obscure exotica. Back in 2017 he released a still essential tape on Tasker's 88T label and a thrilling compilation with JD Twitch, Miracle Steps (Music from the 4th World). Both of these releases are indicative of how Clark puts together music with a sense of storytelling, scene-setting and endless mysticism.

This week's mix sure does give you a sense of exploration, of journeying through new worlds somewhere in the global south. The music is humid and wet, with tribal vocal chants and digital synths paired with indigenous instrumentation. As you get deeper into the aural jungle, the drums get bigger, proto-house rhythms make you move and you end up at a steamy tropical rave. It is another accomplished and subversive mix from this ever more renowned DJ.