Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 370 - Sekan
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Sekan is, like many of his Dutch peers, known for his eclecticism.

He has a particular fondness for exploring the music and artists of the Indonesian archipelago, but also a love for contemporary sounds, both of which are evidenced on his label Jiwa Jiwa. Over the years, it has grown into a multidimensional platform that also deals in photography, articles and films. Whatever he does, including his Operator Radio residency, you can be sure that Sekan mixes up rough edge analog textures with more sleek and modern digital sounds.

The first 85 minutes of this week's mix features some of the old and new Indonesian records that have fascinated him since his childhood, but also plenty of dubs, Chicago bangers and club stuff. The latter section then takes inspiration from coming back home from a club to unwind with slow jams, jazz-funk and Polish jazz. It slowly rebuilds and re-energises, eventually leaving you ready to head back to the club and do it all again.