Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 372 - Nick Klein
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For American artist Nick Klein, music is a gateway deep into our collective and individual psyches.

He explores loudness as a form and "the sociology and ideology that presents in self-identifying music subcultures." He does this with his own Psychic Liberation label, we all as with music on the likes of L.I.E.s and Viewlaxx. Next up for this prolific producer is a forthcoming double album - roughly his 15th overall - on IDEAL that will continue to explore the fringes of electronic sound with a bank of trusted modulated synths.

Of this week's mix, Nick says, "Happy Valentine's Day! The hour of material here is a collage of releases that have come out in the previous three years on my label Psychic Liberation, or the collaborative installment of releases between Enmossed and Psychic Liberation known as ENXPL. Here you have layers of material that map the cloud of my music listening consciousness. The interior includes artists who have participated on PL since the 2013 inception. Artists like Berlin's Wilted Woman, ENXPL artists Bridget Ferrill or Rene Nunez's Horoscope project, the PL Seoul based crew of Yeong Die, Jiyoung Wi, and Joyul, prolific Iranian brother band powerhouse of Saint Abdullah, and founder of the Enmossed label Glyn Maier are found braided through each other sonically."

"While a lot of the work here isn't directly oriented towards the club setting, it could be congruous as an epilogue to an evening's more psychedelic potential. It is interesting to see how broadly sonic aesthetics in electronic music have shifted in the absence of major clubs operating at capacity, if at all. I am pleased to share pieces of what has been in my head as an obsessive listening journey and the process of documentation throughout that time. Thanks to Dekmantel.”


SPARQL - Velocipede (NK EXTENDED BLISS EDIT)(unreleased)
Nick Klein - Spool Of Hot Thread (forthcoming IDEAL RECORDINGS)
Nick Klein - Hardbound Trainspotting Script (unreleased)
Glyn Maier - Memoria (PLIB009)
JD Swift - 0:00 (PLIB011)
Angelo Harmsworth - Drag Net Capture (ENXPL15)
Ñaka Ñaka - Cartwheels (PLIB010) (super slowed)
Horoscope - Mistaken Past Stained Glass (ENXPL06)
Yeong Die - Lowers (PLIB020)
Joyul - Audible Distance (PLIB021)
Bridget Ferrill - Viola De Gamba (Excerpt) (ENXPL10)
Felisha Ledesma - 2 AM (Excerpt) (ENXPL04)
Fixation - 091118 (forthcoming PLIB)
IRL - No Wand In Sight (PL0.5.1)
BAD LSD TRIPS - hideaway (ENXPL12)
Jiyoung Wi - zero Coke & Memory Loss (WTM Archive)
Saint Abdullah - Problem (PLIB007)
Ben Kudler - ohthree (unreleased)
Wilted Woman - Tropical Malaise (side A excerpt). (PL026)