Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 374 - Vivian Koch
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Vivian Koch has real range. For labels like Life And Death, a.r.t.less and AD 93 she has served up everything from IDM to moody breaks, ambient soundscapes to emotive techno.

Her most recent album - last year's ominous but hopeful Beyond Contact - was fine proof of that from the Berlin-based artist who started DJing aged just 16. She has since mastered the art of making and playing club music thanks to her residency at Griessmuehle and her own Olympe party series.

She very much eases into this week with a superb ambient selection. It's broad in its remit, with the most beautiful and suspensory pieces bleeding into gently suggestive rhythms. The moods, too, range from mind-emptying bliss to passages of hopefulness and even romance. It's the sort of cathartic listen we all occasionally need to immerse ourselves in as a way of resetting.