Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 375 - ADAB
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ADAB arrived at a love of electronic music on the dance floor of queer-run techno party In Training in their native Cleveland.

Before long, they went on to established themselves as a DJ who plays electric sets of house, techno and club beats as part of a constant quest to "seek the unifying elements in the world and themselves." The Pittsburgh resident and radio regular is now half of Cleveland party Heaven is in You and has an international profile that is only set to grow as they continue to confound expectations with each new set.

That starts with this week's mix, which is an other-worldly trip into genre-less electronics. Dense and cinematic ambiance and sound design set the opening scene - it's a world of searching synths and shadowy alien life forms in which a skeletal rhythm eventually appears. Deconstructed dub, club and jungle flavour the ensuing grooves which are heads down and dark. They evoke all manner of dystopian futures and make for a brilliantly unconventional ride.