Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 376 - Tammo Hesselink
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Tammo Hesselink has always been enthralled by rhythm. He explores the unknown areas in between the UK's broken beats and hypnotic trans-Atlantic techno.

Hailing from a small town, he did things himself to start with and soon turned heads with his respected The Invariants label. After that began to get wider attention for its spacious and supple sounds, he went on to become a regular on Nous'klaer Audio and has just minted another new label, Real View Memory. The first EP, Borrowed Wheels, touches on percussive techno abstractions, halftime drum & bass and deep, atmospheric bass.

All of that comes out in this week's mix. It is a 90-minute showcase of Tammo's ability to lay down body-popping rhythms. Sometimes they are silky and seductive and worm their way deep into your psyche, at others that are heavy, upfront and smack you over the head. The skillful balance between the moments of airy suspense and dense, unrelenting drums is what makes this selection so compelling.