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Experimental sound artist KMRU is a master of quietness. His music is as much about empty space as it is the delicate field recordings that fill it in.

The Kenyan artist has been perfecting this balancing act from his base in Berlin, most notably on 2020 full-length Peel. It's a record of slowly unfolding synth beauty and drawn-out drone mindfulness. Soft focus chords bleed and blend into one another like different shades of watercolour paint and the environmental nature of the sound sources lends it a gorgeously natural atmosphere.

For this week's most meditative mix, KMRU puts together an hour of soothing sound in a painterly fashion. It is unhurried but always going somewhere thanks to a gentle underlapping rhythm, expansive synth arc or little hiss of static. What sounds like distant vocal calls drift in and out of the mix which at times is like a recording from the furthest recess of the cosmos, at others the pleasant ambiance you might hear out of a Berlin window on a sunny afternoon.


Doltz – Mimei
KMRU & Echium – Insomniac
Echium - bygone
claire rousay - everything perfect is already here (extract) emaenuel - Earth
KMRU - wind bags
Kali Malone - Spectacle of Ritual
Carmen Villain – Portals
perila – how
Debit - 1st Day
Kevin Richard Martin - Higher Than The Sky
Nyokabi Kariuki – Anjiru
Kunsf - will be
Actress – Jardin
Dj Raph – Amen
Elin Piel - Satsuma Sunday
Patricia Wolf - Distant Memory
France Harris - Useless_Machines
Pontiac Streator - eye to you
Barraco Barner - 20200419 MT4X #1 Day Out
Jake Muir – melting like the stars