Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 380 - Tomás Urquieta
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Over the past decade, Santiago-born, Mexico-based producer Tomás Urquieta has harnessed his own brand of noise.

His sounds are heavily textured, often distorted, and range from hammering techno bangers to intense flurries of drums and caustic synths. It is protest music that gave rise to his excellent 2018 long player Duenos de Nada and has continued to challenge the system ever since with a mix of futuristic and political, anarchic and metallic 12"s.

This week's podcast was recorded on a cold night in Brooklyn and the idea behind it was simple but effective, says Tomás. "I put together some new and old tracks I’ve played in my recent gigs." As such it is a fine snapshot of what to expect from him in the club right now - bold rhythms, dystopian moods and plenty of industrial, ambient and IDM influences. It's a physical selection that is constantly on the move and densely packed.