Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 381 - Oliver Hafenbauer
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Oliver Hafenbauer is a quietly influential artist who, for many years, shaped not only his local Frankfurt scene but also the wider electronic underground through his work with the legendary Robert Johnson club.

In 2019 he stepped away from his roles there and has made his own mark. He is an accomplished DJ who takes his expert selection of house, IDM, techno and electro all around Europe, and also runs his left-of-centre Die Orakel label where artists are free to serve up their most experimental sounds.

This week he comes live and direct into your life with a timeless mix of club-ready beats that showcase exactly what he does so well. It's a balanced cross-section of robust four-four sounds that swerve fads and eschew any frills in favour of different textures and bass weights. Some are dark and heavy, others are more sleek and hypnotic, and the whole thing is held together with a sense of energy that makes the 60 minutes pass in an instant.