Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 383 - Peach
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Peach's DJ bio simply reads: "Ball of energy." And that's exactly what she brings each and every time.

The Toronto-born, London-based DJ has made high impact, thrillingly eclectic sets an art form in the last few years having first started to turn heads with her brilliantly broad radio shows on NTS. Her dynamism also carries over into the music she has produced for labels like Midland's Intergraded and Shanti Celeste and Gramrcy's Peach Discs.

Peach's signature passionate style runs all the way through this week's mix. From the flurry of jungle breakbeats that open it up to the prickly bass, frenetic club rhythms and euphoric rave of the midpoint, it's an unrelenting ride. The second half becomes more spaced out, with roomier cuts and hypnotic grooves carrying you through the night and into the next morning.