Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 385 - Kiernan Laveaux
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Kiernan Laveaux is a boundless ball of chaos energy - an adventurous spirit, conducting the binary dissolving forces of our world that are reflected & transmuted through the unbridled passion contained within her DJing.

The Cleveland artist's mission is "to channel love and understanding to dancers of open mind and spirit everywhere." Since 2014, her ethos of community building, personal autonomy, & transportative psychedelia has grown to encompass the multiversal creators of possible worlds everywhere, the In Training, Heaven is in You, & Disco Paradiso parties that traversed the wormhole of limitless expression & jouissance together in Cleveland from 2014-2018, & the Motherbeat raves that continue to manifest sporadically throughout our known universe. The music she plays is impossible to pin down in genre terms, but is unified by it's restless sense of ecstatic momentum, dissonant euphoria, & kinetic exuberance.

Her 80-minute mix for us this week is jam-packed with a little bit of everything, from peak time and head melting techno to heavenly electronics and Earth moving beats. The twisted rhythms and quick mixing style keep the whole thing moving at a real pace and move you ever closer to a transcendental state of dance floor psychedelia.