Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 386 - Yu Su
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Composer, DJ and sound artist Yu Su is Vancouver-based but China-born and she makes music that travels just as far.

It is rooted on the dance floor but with influences that span a wide array of emotions, styles and scenes. From jazz to ambient to organic synthesis, wistful texture to her own multi-instrumental skills, she brings a new style of composition to her work. That was best exemplified on her adventurous and accomplished 2021 album Yellow River Blue which picked up plenty of critical acclaim.

Her mix for us this week brings Su's signature blend of dub, downtempo, house and trippy leftfield electronics. She says, "Once again, the story has a start and an end, but you could be anywhere you want inside the journey." She's not wrong - it is a living and breathing selection packed with cultural references, interesting rhythms and carnival atmospheres that is perfect for out door dancing under the sun with music from Pearson Sound, Jimmy Edgar, Midland, Carl Craig and many more.