Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 392 - Coco Bryce
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Coco Bryce is a veteran of the drum & bass scene, but also one of its most cutting-edge artists.

The Breda-born DJ and producer is a master of intricate drum patterns and superbly warm and emotive pads. His silky, soulful sounds some with deft vocals and proper piano riffs that are always on the more minimal end of the spectrum, but still make a lasting impact. Next to his own Myor label, he has landed on the likes of Critical Recordings, Lobster Theremin and Fresh 86, and in 2022 alone he has put out at least six different EPs.

True to his prolific form, this week's mix is packed with his own exclusive and unreleased tunes as well as gems from Paradox, Denham Audio and DJ H. It adds up to an absorbing hour of stylish and stripped-back rhythms that both float in the cosmos and root you to the dance floor. Lush chords and subtle waves of euphoria permeate the whole mix and make it as emotionally touching as it is physically moving.

1. Coco Bryce - Blossom
2. Code Blue - Angels In Dub (DJ Crystl Remix)
3. Coco Bryce - Eyes Without A Face
4. Coco Bryce - Octopus
5. Response & Pliskin - Rescue Me
6. Paradox - Street Beat
7. Safari Sounds - On My Mind
8. Coco Bryce - Want U
9. Delahunt & Proc Fiskal - Frog In Water
10. Plug - 744
11. Denham Audio - How Could I
12. Coco Bryce - Cloud Busting
13. Coco Bryce - Welcome Back
14. Coco Bryce - Persuasion
15. Ham & Poosie - Thinking About U
16. Coco Bryce - Desire
17. DJ H - Love Is