Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 395 - Jana Rush
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For as long as there has been footwork, there has been Jana Rush.

The Chicago-born pioneer started on the decks aged just 10 and was producing not long after. Since the mid-nineties, she has put out music that endlessly innovates within the juke and footwork framework. Her coiled rhythms and stripped-back drums are the vehicles for emotions that range from anguish to empowerment. Last year she dropped her second album Painful Enlightenment on Planet Mu and it was a frank listen that spoke of her struggles with depression.

This week's mix is a controlled but chaotic fusion of all elements of footwork from the silkier and more melodic side to heavy jungle rhythms and on through electro-tinged bangers. It is brilliantly hyperactive as it ducks and dives through so many emotions, and it finds Jana packing so much in over the course of an hour that it feels like you have been locked in all night long.

Jana Rush - No Fuks Given
Traxman - PPGH
Jana Rush - Jill Keys edit
Traxman - Blow ur shit
Jana Rush - Basswar
Dj Manny - Feel that bass
Dj PayPal - Mirrors
Dj Manny - We stay smoking
Jana Rush - Acid Techno Beat
Jana Rush - Moooove
Dj Earl - SRT798
Jana Rush/Dj Hank - Think of You
Dj Rashad/Taso - Burn that Kush
Jana Rush - AI
Jana Rush/Dj Hank - Sun Ra beat
Dj Manny - Bass Water
George Krantz - Din Daa Daa
Dj Manny - Feel that MF Bass
Jana Rush/Dj Rashad - Off Him
Boylan Jana Hank - My Nikkaz
Traxman - Hold it
Dj Rashad - Somethin
Dj PayPal - Crew Love
Dj Hank - Hank 2015
Dj Hank - Frozone
Jana Rush - Radium
Dj PayPal - Uptown
Jana Rush - Sleeping at the cemetery
Dj PayPal - I’m high
Jana Rush - Make bitches cum
Jana Rush - Rapid Fire
Stayhigh - Turn up
Dj PayPal- Unforgettable
Dj Orange Julius - Funky
Traxman- Da Jakk
Dj Rashad - It’s Crack
Boylan - Contra
Boylan - Get down
Jana Rush - Bit by Bite
Dj Hank - Eski
Loud trax - Vice city
Stayhigh - Work it
Dj Chap/PayPal - On off
EQ WHY - Big ole booty
EQ WHY - Gone give it to you
EQ WHY - Work it