Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 396 - Yazzus
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UK dance music has always been defined by its eclecticism. And few artists capture that better than Yazzus.

Both her sets and her productions are turbocharged tornados that collide rave, breakbeat, techno, jungle and footwork. They are playful and knowingly over-the-top, take in plenty of bootlegged edits and have landed her on labels like Diplo's Mad Decent, Mall Grab's Steel City Dance Discs and the legendary Hospital. She co-runs her own Rave Litany party and has DJed as part of the 6 Figure Gang so basically never takes her foot off the gas, whatever she is doing.

It is no surprise then that this week's mix is one of the most hard-hitting we have had in a while. Everything is turned up to 11, from the fast mixing style to the faster beats. It explores all kinds of techno from bass heavy to twitchy, raved-up to old-school nose-bleed. Later on, there are warp-speed explorations of juke, footwork and club that leave you gasping for breath but desperate for more. Strap in!