Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 398 - Ben Body
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Brooklynite Ben Bondy elevates ambient to a whole new level.

He's done so over the course of more than 12 albums in just two years. Each one is like a dairy - a capturing of intimate feelings that translate into sensitive sounds that are subtle yet moving. He occasionally veers into downtempo and IDM, and has worked on collaborative projects like Blessed Kitty and xphresh.

This week's mix is a deep dive into his edgeless world, where half-heard vocals drift in and out, cosmic dust glistens in a shard of light and smeared pads disappear off to infinity. The hazy sounds manage to be both romantic and psychedelic, insular yet hopeful. It is ambient but stuffed with such detail and texture that it plays out with the vivid imagery of a movie in your mind rather than just a soothing sonic wallpaper. Headphones are essential for this one.