Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 399 - Jasmín
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Jasmín is one of the latest talents to emerge from the ever-fertile Amsterdam scene.

Like many of her generation, she is impossible to pin down with genre restrictions. She is bold and adventurous in her selections and has played everywhere from South Africa to New York where she unites club, techno, bass and plenty more with her elastic DJ style and knack for exciting rhythms. During the lockdown, Jasmín kept busy by getting to grips with Ableton so expect to hear some debut productions soon, but before that comes this week's mix.

It's a muscular workout that threads together warped bass lines and slithering synths. A tribal element to the pounding drums speaks to our primeval urge to dance while psychedelic sounds wave their way in later as things get deeper and more involved. Despite the very different worlds from which these tracks are drawn, there is seamless mixing throughout which makes the trip all the more hypnotic.