Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 402 - DJ Spit
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DJ Spit is a hybrid master. His eclectic sounds draw from a wide spectrum that takes in drill, ghetto house and drum & bass.

In that regard, he is at the forefront of a new rave sound that is high energy and often extreme. His label Rascals Records represents that as does his own music on shows for Rinse FM, the sets he plays at places like Berghain’s Säule and on the Explorers podcast he runs as a means of investigating contemporary club sounds.

In the mix for us this week he invites us deep into a world of elastic rhythm and funky drum patterns. The tunes he reaches for are often stripped back and sleek but always high impact, with plenty of sci-fi motifs and cavernous, otherworldly atmospheres. He calls his sound "twisted future bounce" and we couldn't put it better.