Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 403 - Dazion
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Whenever you listen to a Dazion DJ set or new club track, you can hear how much fun he has with his music.

The Hague man likes it rough and ready whether making bleep techno, acid breaks or new beat with whatever bit of forgotten hardware he can find. He's done so on labels including Second Circle, Safe Trip and Animals Dancing and always manages to capture the essence of what made the rave days so glorious while updating it with his own leftfield character. Next up for him is Grooveboxxx, a new album on Dekmantel that pays homage to The Hague’s 80s and 90s club scene all made with just one bit of "entry-level gear," the Roland MC-303 Groovebox.

Dazion opens this week's mix with a custom introduction inspired by the old Turn up the Bass TV spots and takes in some jams on that same MC-303 and a serval rips from early 90s rave CDs. It starts rather dreamy and serene before cracking up through the gears to get more weird. High energy rhythms, flailing percussive patterns and bulbous basslines all make for a helluva ride.