Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 404 - Zohar
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Amsterdam's Zohar operates from the shadows. Though she has a reputation for mysteriousness, there is no escaping the earth-rattling rhythms she lays down in the DJ booth.

Leftfield electronics, distorted vocals and industrial sounds with 90s roots all feature in her sets as well as productions on the likes of Clone and her own DIY Zohar label. This month she dropped the second entry in her highly personal ZHR series in the form of her Object album, a mix of sound experiments, glitchy textures and abstract rhythms.

This week's mix is full of similar sonic sorcery and musical black magic. Squealing electronics and fizzing textures evoke feelings of dystopia as crunching drums come and go but the tension is never let up. There are moments of eye-watering density but, just as often, empty spaces leave you hanging before the next thrilling rhythm arrives and takes you somewhere new. Brain and body music rarely collide in such a unique fashion.