Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 405 - Nueen
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Nueen has been mad busy in the last two years. The Barcelona-based Mallorcan has put out three albums of beautifully quiet and unhurried ambient.

Each one has unfolded with its own intimate sense of narrative and showcased deft craftsmanship with both synth and guitar. The tunes drawn on the atmosphere of Nueen's home island so fits in with what you might call Balearic, but very much on its own terms. They are warm and gentle but underpinned with a melancholy that makes them all the more engaging.

There is plenty of that on show across the opening of this week's podcast. Roomy arrangements are detailed with only the wispiest of pads but slowly a rhythm begins to emerge. It's dubby and dreamy and transports you out to sea on a sonic life raft that eventually sinks to the ocean floor. From there you roll along on supple drums, wispy pads drift by and shards of light pierce the surface. It is a perfect soundtrack to slowly awaken your soul on a lazy morning.