Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 406 - Rhyw
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Rhyw's take on electronic music is full throttle and high definition.

The Welsh-Greek DJ and producer co-runs the Fever Am label with Mor Elian, where he releases alien club sounds with sci-fi details, industrial textures, cyborg vocals and syncopated beats. His densely detailed output has also come on the likes of Avian and Seilscheibenpfeiler where it goes from minimal to broken beat to electro, but always with plenty of sonic surprises. His "desire to sound different" has really come to the fore since his live Cassegrain project alongside Hüseyin Evirgen went on pause, and he proved that most recently with a new EP on Blawan and Pariah’s Voam label.

All of this play out over a kinetic 65-minute mix served up for us this week. It's a lithe and lively workout with sleek sound designs and a future feel from start to finish. Each track brims with exquisite detail while the contrast of heavy drums and light-emitting synths brings a real sense of space. The whole thing adds up to artful body music with natural emotional intelligence.


Jlin - Nandi
Verraco - Ronaldinho Hace La Elastica - forthcoming Tratratrax
León & Sayed - Orbital (Ayesha’s After Dark Rub a Dub)
Piezo - unreleased
DJ Double Oh! - unreleased
MoMA Ready - Holy Water (X-Coast remix)
Davis Galvin - Rissp
Mutant Joe - Atletico
Cadans - Got Woodblock
Motorbass - Tournerie Vibratoire
NHK yx Koyxen - L
Gesloten Cirkell - Didit (Turbo Mix)
GRRL x Made Of Oak - Interference
Jabes - Body Said No - forthcoming Timedance
A Made Up Sound - Demons
Mutant Joe - The Living Dead (Wheez-ie RMX)
Malin Genie - Crop
Sympathy Nervous - Quick Starttype
Jonny From Space - Hurricane Party (Danny Daze Terraza Mix)
Dj Richard - Leech2=
Nine Inch Nails - Me, Im Not (Olof Dreijer remix)
Jens Zimmermann - X11
Catartsis & Ōtone - unreleased
Griffit Vigo - Phola
Okzharp - Tom Tom Ride Out
Quixosis - Burundanger 2 (Cando remix)
DJ N.K. - Quebra Ossos
Green Velvet - Destination Unknown
Peder Mannerfelt - Town Crier - unreleased
Oceanic - KxT - forthcoming Nous’klaer
Pier Bucci - Glasgow