Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 407 - Erika
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Erika has always explored the eerier corners of her native Detroit.

She captures the empty space and late-night mood of the city in music that is deep and dark. For many years she has been a key behind-the-scenes figure who runs the well-regarded Interdimensional Transmissions label and has hosted plenty of her own parties. Her productions - either solo or with Brendan M. Gillen as Ectomorph - are rooted in techno and electro but explore everything from hard-edged grooves to spaced-out soundscapes. Erika also runs an educational platform for workshops, masterclasses and courses that help bring on the next generation.

This week's mix draws on all that experience across 75 blistering minutes. It's electro from the off with haunting spaces, booming bass and elastic rhythms setting the scene for what becomes a storied selection. There are gritty and grimy warehouse sounds as well as slippery sci-fi workouts and plenty in between, all threaded together with the control of DJ who knows exactly where she wants to take you.