Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 408 - Solid Blake
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Don't let Solid Blake's diminutive stature fool you: she plays with a ferocity and precision that flips Europe's most tasteful dance floors inside out.

Born in Glasgow but operating out of Copenhagen, she was a founding member of the Apeiron Crew DJ collective, has produced as Historical Repeater with Ctrls and often plays with Mama Snake as she did at our own festival a few years ago. Her Rinse FM radio show is always packed with new sounds that have you desperate to find out more, as is this week's mix.

It's built on bold, body-shaking rhythms that are elastic and acrobatic. They're loose and roomy to start before the kinetic energy builds through jungle cuts, thumping deep techno and unhinged club music. Though squarely aimed at the dance floor, these selections are detailed with freaky monologues or wild vocalisations that bring them to life outside the club. They're both deep but lively and run through with a subtle sense of party-starting fun.