Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 410 - Anetha
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Anetha's first decade in dance music has been impressive indeed.

Much of it is now on her own terms, too - she runs the Mama Told Ya label and agency where she drops her own glorious mix of techno, EBM and trance as well as platforming emerging artists. She is a resident DJ at Amsterdam's epic Awakenings as well as Le Sucre in her native France and Fuse in Brussels. Her "less is more" but always colourful and emotional take on techno is inspired by the fact she is a qualified architect and it is embodied in the title of her recent "Rules Are Meant to Be Broken EP" in collaboration with Ryan James Ford.

Anetha's DJ dexterity is on full show in this week's 90-minute mix as she works through many different shades of high-tempo club music. There are passages of youthful and raved-up sounds, stripped-back warehouse rhythms and firing machine music. There are hints of everything from trance to gabber to EBM helping to add character to each track and it's that which makes this such a compelling listen from a new school star.