Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 411 - French II
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French II likes it heavy. His breaks, percussion, drums and bass all hit hard and it's always been that way since he debuted this project in 2019.

Teenage experiences at hardcore parties initially set this style in motion and the years since have seen him hone in a distinctly UK-leaning sound. As a DJ, member of the former Tilburg collective BANGANAGANGBANGERS and promoter of his own events, he is all about high-impact club sounds. Right now, the Dutchman releases them on the Intercept label and brings everything from UKG to bass, dubstep to electro.

This week the man born Frank Klick twists and turns through slithering club rhythms that operate above 130 bpm. There is an icy sense of futurism to the atmospheres of tracks by mainstays of this scene like Al Wootoon, Sam Goku, Stenny and Shackleton. A couple of his own collaborations with Ozzy and King of Snake set the early tempo and from there you will have a very tough job of setting still as he works through an array of intriguing face-melters, body poppers and ass-shakers.


Nikolay Koziov - Binary feat. Ben Bondy
Shackleton - Shortwave
French II & Ozzy - ID
French II & King of Snake - Tribal Drum
Lewski - ID
Pugulist - Emanate
Striction - Ai
Off The Meds - Belter (Joy O Belly Mix)
Al Wootton - Mercia
Bakongo - Koopa
Kundai - Fake
Sam Goku - Walking drums
Dyslecta - Left on Para
Talismann - Discophatie
Stillhead - Back Once
Jook & Blumey - Shade (ft. Logan)
Stenny - Wipe Out
Marco Zenker - Switch Stance
Thrills in +41 - Strangelove64
Amor Satyr & Siu Mata - Psychic Water
Subp Yao - Drift