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LAANI is all about introducing you to music you love but don't yet know it.

It’s the Londoner’s exceptional taste in all things jazz and Afro, soul and hip hop which makes that so. She demonstrates it with her regular The FullJoy Experience shows on and her work with Strut Records, but this week she heads into a different world of sound.

House, acid and breaks are the order of the day here with cuts from the likes of Lady Blacktronika, Paula Tape, Soichi Terada and K-Lone all making for a lively selection. There is a classical leaning to start with as lush synth soul permeates the good-time grooves. Celebratory piano chords, peak time house and deeper moments all reflect the sound of a DJ able to play loose, free and with an irresistible sense of fun.


Risque III - Essence Of A Dream (Original Mix)
Kofi The Unkown - Arrhytmia
Melle Brown - One More Chance (Sean McCabe Late Vibe Dub)
Kumanope - Mothafuckinbreak
Lady Blacktronika - B Set Free
Sandilé - Bulla Bulla
Sloppy J - The Freak
Zopelar - Passado
Marina Trench - L'orage
Mr. Ho + Mogwaa - Bail-E
Paula Tape - International Loki
Kurtiss - Amor de la Casa Acida
Soichi Terada - Double Spire
Tom Blip - Dreadful
K-Lone - Zissou
Call Super - bodiesinheaven II
Parris - Movements