Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 413 - livwutang
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livwutang has really arrived on the world stage in the last year.

The Seattle-raised, NYC-based artist came up through DIY raves and pirate radio and is now a regular at cult clubs and festivals across North America, as well as being booked in for next year's Dekmantel Selectors. Her sound freely moves between dub, Central and West Africa rhythms and a history of Black American music. All this comes out in her widescreen sets, her curation of the Eto Ano label and her hosting of their show on The Lot Radio.

The confidence of her selections and ability to shift through moods from the serene to the deep, the energetic to the melodic is evident in this week's mix. It slowly works through the gears from dubbed-out depths to buoyant club rhythms via tribal techno. There is an ever-present mysticism and spirituality that adds an extra layer of intrigue to the body-popping rhythms and it's that which will keep you coming back for more.