Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 414 - Max Abysmal
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Max Abysmal moved a long way when he left his Sydney home and settled in Amsterdam, and his music travels just as far.

He is as able to lay it down in the Greenhouse as the Selectors stage, but trying to predict what you might hear is useless: he plays across the board from tripped-out percussive sounds to spacey jungle to via a cross-seciton of forward-thinking Latinx electronic sounds.

The dexterity of his DJing is frankly dizzying and this week's mix proves it. Within just 15 minutes he has maneuvered from a heartbreaking lo-fi soul opener to a strobe-lit gabber banger. After that, he slows it down and speeds it up several times. Irregular club rhythms get smoothed out into Spanish trap and there's still room for jungle, bass and reggaeton. It's a wild and worldly ride.