Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 415 - Time is Away
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London-based pair Jack Rollo and Elaine Tierney aka Time is Away are continually exploring the relationship between time, place and power.

They do so in a wide variety of ways from exhibitions for the Arts Council England to site-specific sound works, research projects to their nearly 10-year-strong NTS show. Each one weaves spoken word pieces with atmospheric music into soundscapes that physically and mentally move you.

The pair's exceptional record collection and ability to manipulate your mood are laid bare once more in this week's mix. It's an escapist daydream where gently lilting rhythms melt away into psychedelic dub with intimate vocal whispers. Indian meditations captivate the heart and mind while lo-fi guitar fuzz lulls you into a hypnagogic state. It's a delicate but powerful world of sound that reveals more and has an ever-deeper impact each time you listen.