Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 416 - Safety Trance
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Safety Trance is a new alias from Luis Garban aka Cardospusher, the Venezuelan noise-mangler who has spent 20 years twisting together EBM, acid, hardcore, wave, acid and techno.

In the past, this moniker has seen him work alongside Rosalia and Planningtorock on tracks from Arca ́s KiCk series for XL Recording, and earlier in the year he dropped his Noches de Terror EP on Boysnoize Records. It found him exploring new possibilities within the world of reggaeton, always with his own textural twist.

And that mission continues in this week's podcast which collides stiff, angular rhythms with caustic industrial, acid, rave and trap. It's a strobe-lit selection of head-thrashing electronic music packed with girt and grime. As Garban notches up the tempo things get ever more wild and noisy so that, eventually, you're left completely consumed by the dystopian fuzz. What a thrill.