Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 420 - Gamma Intel
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Gamma Intel is a sonic explorer who can rewire your brain with his left-of-centre approach to sound and rhythm.

The Dutchman is a master of contrast between the dark corners of the dance floor and moments of emotional light. He draws on broken beats, acid, techno and electro but skews them through his own lens on labels like brokntoys, Pinkman and Mechatronica. He recently co-founded the Nerve Collect label with friend Identified Patient, and will release his E.M EP there at the end of March.

Gamma's love of creative sampling and meticulous sound design carries over into the music he plays in his sets. This week's mix is perfect proof as it twists and turns on contorted basslines and muscular drum patterns. It's an intense and futuristic listen that goes through moments of all-out hand-in-the-air dance floor joy and heads down marching to slick jungle workouts and dystopian worlds of bass. Few DJs can manipulate sound in such thrilling ways.