Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 422 - Simo Cell
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He might hail from France but Simo Cell has always worn his love for UK music on his sleeve.

It is no wonder then that his intricate broken beats, bass heavy grooves and halftime techno has come on vital labels like Livity Sound and The Trilogy Tapes. He is a frequent collaborator too, with everyone from Peter van Hoesen to Hodge, but his own signature sound design always stands out. The TEMƎT Music head's Selectors set from 2021 remains one of the most impressive multi-genre showcases we have heard and this week the Paris-based DJ repeats that trick once more.

Over the course of 100 minutes, Simo Cell goes deep into everything he has always been about: heavy rhythms designed to move the body, heady synth designs that are intricate yet powerful, and a masterful control of energy and flow which means he can lock in a dance floor whether firing out high-speed juke or teasing with slow and supple dub. It's a whirlwind ride that will awaken every fibre of your being.