Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 424 - Toumba
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Toumba sits on the crest of a wave of experimental artists in his hometown of Amman in Jordan.

He mixes up a passion for UK rave and various sounds on the hardcore continuum with the traditional rhythmic forms of his homeland. After previous outings on All Centre and Hypnic Jerks, a superb debut EP on Hessle Audio last month has made him one of the most talked about producers in the game right now. His staggered broken beats, hefty sub bass and knack for a catchy rhythm are exceptional in design and execution.

As a DJ he is no less meticulous: this week he works through some 35 tracks in 90 minutes, many of which are his own singular creations. They sit amongst work from the likes of Scratcha DVA, Migos, DJ Paypal and The Maghreban in a mix that is brilliantly loose and lithe to start with before tightening the screw and locking you into an all-body workout. In effortlessly joining the dots between the music he grew up with and the UK music he has grown to love, Toumba offers up all-new sound worlds.


Toumba - Sean Kingston Dub
Toumba - Unreleased
PPC - Raw Riddim Version
Toumba - Eqla3
Cheba Wahida - Jrouli Jrouli
Rolf Laureijs - Untitled
NKC - Tincture
Nazar - Tyranny
Selezione Naturale - De Infinito
TSVI - Drama Demon
DYL - Transfer x Shbash - Wlad el Masa
Blood of Aza - Run the World
Scratcha DVA - Storm
LSDXOXO - Aquecimento Do Evanescence
Mosca - Lashes
Sickflip, Chunky - Gotta Be
Nazar - Enclave
DJ N. K. - Atmosphera
Silkie - Time Delay
Slava - Heartbroken
Spooky - Code 9 (Doctor Jeep Remix)
Syz - 1E (2Es VIP)
Atrice - Chamber of Mazarbul
Migos - Get Right Witcha
The Maghreban - M25 (ft. King Kashmere)
clipping. and Slikback - A clipping. Story
Toumba - Janoob
Goldlink - Extra Clip (feat. NLE Choppa)
DJ Diamond - Kill Switch
Shabjdeed & Al Nather - Wlad Quds (Toumba Um Uthaina Edit)
Granul - 3ajayeb
DJ Paypal - Slim Trak
Ventah - Memoria Del Muerto (Version A)
Esgar - Starscream
Kinoteki - Third Strike