Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 425 - Kennedy
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Dutchman Kennedy is a mainstay of Amsterdam's underground.

He's worked in record shops, hosted radio shows, thrown his own parties and played the city's best venues as well as further afield at places like About Blank, Tresor and Griessmuehle in Berlin. In the studio, he aims to translate his dreams into music using an array of machines. His grooves dance in the middle ground between soul, techno, house and jazz, with nods to the atmospheres of Detroit and the rhythms of Africa. He serves them up on his own Dream Machine Recordings and most recently collaborated with Amsterdam jazz veteran Han Litz on his latest 12". It brought a fresh dimension to his always cultured music and with this week's mix, he proves that as a DJ he is no less considered in what he does.

It is a selection of serene hi-tech soul powered by dynamic drums and overlaid with lush chord work. There is plenty of rough-edged analog jack, wonky acid and deep and dusty techno in the first half before a party breaks out with loved-up disco. A slow descent into more dark and trippy sound worlds closes down a mix that has the haziness of a half-remembered dream you wish you could return to.