Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 433 - Marie Davidson
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French-Canadian Marie Davidson never sits still for long.

She is a Montreal native who has also lived in Berlin, and is one of the scene's most revered live acts but also transitioned into DJing with spectacular results. She makes it all from minimal wave to techno to electroclash whether working solo, as part of the Essaie pas duo, or alongside L'Œil Nu on Ninja Tune. Her own vocals often feature heavily in her work and as well as direct club material she has excelled in the long-player format with several standouts over the last decade.

All of that creative genre abandonment is embodied in this week's mix, which is as punchy as they come. Lashings of squealing synths and hyper-speed electro-tech kick things off with real intent and the intensity never drops: there are dark punk bangers and synth-heavy kraut cuts next to pummelling deep techno punishers, more lithe disco and wave sounds and lashings of trance euphoria. What a ride.


Assembler Code - Generator
FELIX - Vai Seu Desgraçado
Siu Mata & Amor Satyr - Movimiento
BASHKKA - DeFol (Nene H Remix)
WTCHCRFT - Rain Delay
Bitter Babe & Nick Leon - Delirio
Private Persons - Edu V Egipet
Karassimeon - Messa Nera
SCADTA & Zombies In Miami - Phuckphone (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)
Pablo Bozzi - Mindscape
Blake Baxter - Deep N Da Groove (Abe Duque remix)
Maxx Rossi & P.I.N.O. Lopez - Therapy
Marlon Hoffstadt & Dangerous Dreaming - Faded Memories (Club Mix)
Dj Babatr - All Right… Teque Teque (Nick León Remix)
Prime Mover - Pefect Organism (2021 Remix)
Jacidorex - System 258 (Original Mix)
ARCYDARO - Radio Innocents
FALSE PERSONA - Assisted Pulse
Vitalic - Poison Lips (Captain Flash Remix)