Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 434 - Jessy Lanza
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House, boogie, and feel-good vibes from the LA-based Jessy Lanza

LA-based Canadian artist Jessy Lanza has brought dance and pop music together and elevated both art forms in the process. At the heart of her work are her own sensual vocals. They bring human warmth and emotion to vibrant and uptempo grooves and result in music that is both energetic and accessible yet personal and honest. Next to critically acclaimed studio albums for Hyperdub, she has made a fine entry into the DJ-kicks mix series and toured solo from Asia to Australia. Europe to North America. Her latest album is her broadcast and boldest yet - Love Hallucination features work from producers such as Pearson Sound, Jacques Greene, Tensnake, Paul White, and Jeremy Greenspan and conforms Lanza to be out in a class of her own.

Lanza brings her feel-good vibes to the podcast series this week, not least with a couple of her own exclusive new cuts as well as one mysterious known gem early on. They add up to a perfect representation of her sound - the first half is a feel-good mix of retro-future boogie, glossy 80s r&b, party-starting funk bombs and many more irresistible moments of pure heat from Brenda and The Big Dudes, Debbe and The Code and Gino Soccio. Things then turn more towards the dance floor with deep house from Frankie Knuckles, bass-heavy rhythms from Addison Groove and a piano banger from Mall Grab. It's just the sort of happy, sunny mix you will be coming back to all summer long.


1. Jean-Luc Ponty - Incantations For World Peace

2. ++++++

3. Debbe and The Code - The Code Of Love

4. Duilio Sorrenti - Cruising

5. Thomas & Taylor - I’ll Be Waiting

6. Jessy Lanza - ++++++

7. Deep - This Time

8. Brenda and The Big Dudes - Love Action

9. Gino Soccio - Remember [GGboy Edit]

10. New Music - 24 Hours From Culture Part II

11. Jessy Lanza - ++++++

12. Primitive - A1

13. Nick Holder - Frantic [Boris Dlugosch Mix]

14. I’m Interesting Cheerful & Sociable - Errorsmith

15. Fire Island - Shout To The Top [Frankie Knuckles Classic Club Mix]

16. Lime - I Don’t Wanna Lose You

17. Paranoid London - Suck a Dick [Instrumental]

18. Soichi Terada - Diving Into Minds [Club Mix]

19. Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu - Renegade Breakdown [Jessy Lanza Remix]

20. Fiedel - Wood Rave [Original Mix]

21. Stones Taro - Muddy Fish

22. Addison Groove - Dancer [GP Mix]

23. TRC & Princess Nyah - Butterflies

24. Tuff Culture - Shift Ctrl Del

25. Mall Grab - Love Reigns

26. Tashif Kente - Who’s That Boy